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Trip Planner

1.47 usd

Create and manage your itinerary.It is an application which is popular in Japan.
<>In addition to the free version, the following functions will be added.
-WEB search of hotelYou can access the WEB service when you create the spot, to enter information easily.When you search by keyword, etc. You get the picture, URL, address, etc..
-Latitude SearchWhen you create the spot, address search by keywords on the map, to easily enter.Press and hold the map, or get the address of that point.To obtain the latitude and longitude at the time of registration, you can easily set up a detailed point
-Search URLWhen you create the spot, to get any URL to launch the browser.Automatic to type in the URL in the display in a browser, enter the URL of tedious effort will save you.
-WEB search of imageWhen You can create plans or spots, to set images retrieved from the WEB.
Can search by keyword, to choose an image while browsing, you can easily register.
The downloaded image, because it is not stored on the SD card.
-share of planYou can send e-mail as an attachment with the itinerary.You can also capture can be saved to a predetermined folder of the SD card received attachments.
-OtherRotate the photo that you saved, can be moved from side to side.